This is a big house

My boyfriend and I had many holiday parties to go to this year, and I only had to host three of them! Normally, I end up hosting everything for everybody because I have a difficult time saying no. This year, though, somehow I managed to get out of a few obligations because we were having troubles with our gas furnace. We had to call in our local Heating and AC provider to come and do some quick oil furnace repairs for us. Since we didn’t have any heat (our gas furnace had completely broken down on us on the coldest weekends of the year), we were really depending on our space heater  and our fireplace to heat our entire 3000 square foot house. It was not a wonderful solution!

             One of the parties that I was hosting happened to be on the same evening that our gas furnace stopped working altogether. Every time a different guest arrived and the door opened, any hot air that we’d been able to gather with the space furnaces went right back out the door! We didn’t even have to take anyone’s coat at that particular celebration, since almost everyone wanted to leave their coats, hats, and boots on for the whole celebration!

           I felt awful because almost everyone wanted to gather around the fireplace in the family room. Yet, it ended up being a festive atmosphere when we brought out the marshmallow roasting skewers to have an indoor marshmallow roast. The section furnaces aren’t that useful for heating large areas, though. After that chilly celebration, my friends and family chose to transfer our next party to my sister’s house, and that was just great with me!

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