We should probably bundle up

I like the changing seasons of the northeast part of the country.  I grew up here and the changing seasons always signalled new activities.  Fall was watching football and staying warm at tailgating events.  Winter was skiing and sledding and having snowball fights with friends.  Spring time was often muddy and wet, and my friends and I would jump in puddles and try to splash each other.  Summer we all went swimming in the lake and explored the woods around the village.  My friends and I liked to play games outdoors and create our own adventures!  Sometimes we’d get over our heads and swim out too far into the lake too early in the season.  I remember once, we had to bundle up my friend in blankets and turn up the furnace so he could get warm again.  I was especially glad that day for our amazing furnace.  We have a zone control heating, so we turned up the heat in the room where we gathered to make my friend as comfortable as possible, and I can’t say it was only during in the warm season that every one of us were thankful for a good heating, ventilation, and a/c system.  After we’d come inside from playing in the snow, all of us would take off our snow covered gear and wet gloves and huddle next to the heat registers!  We would utilize the zone registers then, too, and make the room extra hot so we would recover from the cold outdoor weather.  Sometimes we would play outside again and again and each time, be grateful that we had a hot aren to come back to after our adventures in the snow.


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