I love this hotel room

During college, it was hard to find a job that matched your class schedule.  If you were lucky, you found something that matched what you wanted to do when you graduated.  My first job was very flexible and was able to work around my schedule, however it didn’t have anything to do with my major.  I worked as a waitress at a high end eating establishment.  The money was good though, and so were the good tips, so I stayed for a year.  The next year, I looked for something within my major, computer systems.  Luckily there was a vacancy with the college library for a IT person.  This was perfect!  My coworkers were friendly and I liked my job, however there was a drawback.  I had to do routine checks on the machine and the room was always icy cold!  I knew that the machines had to stay cool, however I didn’t think the HVAC system had to stay in the arctic range!  Try as I might, I couldn’t get the cooling temperature to be raised a little to a more comfortable temperature for those now working in that room.  So, I took matters into my own hands one night.  I changed the temperature just a little bit, so the air conditioning system wasn’t as chilly, making the temperature more bearable.  The current temperature didn’t stay put for very long.  It turns out there was an alarm system that monitored the temperature and it contacted the head of the department!  I didn’t get in too much trouble, however I was told not to make any temperature changes to the HVAC plan again.  So, I learned to put on a sweater regardless of the season outside when I went to work, and the rest of our time there was good!

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