We’re hoping for better heating

Last year, my sisters and I stayed in a condo that was probably even too small for two people, let alone, the four of us all jammed into that tiny condo, trying desperately to save money. We had two of us doubling up in a twin bed, where the other two sisters either slept on the couch and or the floor. This particular condo was created for only two, so it was naturally sort of small but having four girls jammed into this very small place with various bags and belongings everywhere was difficult as well. I fell over suitcases every day and constantly rammed into the sofa bed with my leg. The shower was always being used and the air conditioner could not satisfy our demand. The four of us perspired constantly in that condo even though we set the A/C system on a very low setting, as low as we could, but it could not to handle our body heat. It was probably due to the poor cooling system location. The air conditioner was actually set on the floor of the condo and I have to ask, who puts an air conditioner on the floor?  In fact, the TV stand was slightly in front of the air conditioner and the air conditioning system was literally halfway blocked and since it was placed on the floor, it was cooling from the bottom up and not very well at that. Then by adding a lot of sweaty girls to the mix, that just doesn’t help matters at all. That was an absolutely horrible stay for all of us and I will never forget it. We sisters still laugh about banging into that old sofa sleeper. Our youngest sister still complains about just how terrible that little cooling unit was and that sleeping in front of it made no difference in any way.

cooling system 

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