I love this realtor

My hubby, Mark and I are looking to purchase a modern, moderately priced house that our family can grow up in, and we had been searching for weeks now. I understand that our list of requirements is almost impossible to meet, but the other morning, we viewed one property that seemed to be an almost perfect home…perfect in many ways, although it was a bit over our budget.  It was quite appealing with a large yard, a newly replaced screened porch, and a large master suite. It was already snowing outside and even with my overcoat on, the house felt strangely cold. Naturally, I asked the realtor if the heat was on in the home. We all walked over to the thermostat and it read as if the heat was on, and it was set to 78 degrees but it actually felt like the air conditioning was on and coming through the vents since very cold air was coming down on us. I looked at Mark in a concerned and disappointed manner because although some rooms felt warm, others felt like they weren’t insulated well. Our agent suggested that it could just be an issue with the oil furnace and that the heating & A/C equipment wasn’t working as it should. We all went up to the attic and Mark immediately pointed out that the exposed ductwork had tape all over them instead of being properly sealed! This particular house was already over our planned budget and with all the heating & A/C repairs that are needed, it just didn’t seem possible to buy this house. Then our realtor actually suggested that it would be a simple job to repair the existing heating & A/C system, but we certainly didn’t want to risk anything further since we couldn’t see inside the walls. We have neither the time nor the money to commit to do such a large repair right away, so for now, we will continue searching for the perfect home! Hopefully, a home with a working heating and air conditioning system.

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