I’m climbing up the walls

My husband and I decided to have breakfast at the table this morning. We hardly ever eat at the table, because both of us are both unquestionably tied up in the mornings. We normally leave for work at separate times, and both of us are in a hurry most of the time. However, this particular morning was special, because both of us took the day off work. My husband got up earlier than I did, so that he could make my favorite breakfast. He made blueberry pancakes with a raspberry compote, scrambled eggs with hickory smoked cheddar cheese, and fresh squeezed orange juice. He even made tea! We both sat down at the table to eat the delicious food. We were looking out the window at our patio, when both of us noticed a squirrel eating a nut on top of our Heating and Air Conditioning appliance. The squirrel was perched on top of the Heating and Air Conditioning condenser, and it did not even notice that we were staring at it. The Heating and Air Conditioning appliance was not on at this time, and the squirrel continued to eat the nut. As soon as our Heating and Air Conditioning appliance engaged, the squirrel nearly fell over the side of the condenser. It was so hilarious! My husband and I laughed for a long time, while the squirrel looked around on the ground. The squirrel was searching for the nut that it had lost. As soon as the squirrel found the nut, he immediately climbed up the tree that was next to our Heating and Air Conditioning applianceā€¦ He must have been way too scared to stand on the unit again.

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