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My friends & I decided to spend Spring break up in the mountains! We appreciate rock climbing, hiking the mountains, & fishing on the lake. It truly seemed like the perfect venue to spend our Spring break. Since all the people Venture down to the ocean, the price on rentals was quite reasonable, and my friends & I found a four-bedroom cabin, for less than $1,000 for the week. Some of our friends were paying that amount for 3 days only. My friends & I drove up on Tuesday afternoon. We stopped at the last grocery store, so that we could get all of the necessary Sundries. The household was not equipped with any type of paper products, so we picked up napkins, paper towels, & toilet paper. We definitely stocked up on fruits, vegetables, & snacks. My friends & I picked up 6 cases of beer & a few bottles of wine. We were going to be there all week, & we did not want to run out of anything at all. We arrived at the cabin, & found it to be just as the ad described. Everything was just perfect inside, & we all had our own rooms. Each bedroom was equipped with its own Heating & A/C unit. Each Heating & A/C device was controlled by its own separate remote control. I had never witnessed a rental with so many Heating & A/C units. My friends & I had a phenomenal time, & we were all able to be comfortable in our own space. I set the thermostat on my Heating & A/C device for 68 degrees. My best buddy set the thermostat on his Heating & A/C unit, to 65 degrees.

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