I really love the furnace

There is truly nothing that comes close to residing in a nice dwelling that was built with love. That was my experience as a youngster. My parents purchased a huge dwelling that was vacant for years because of escrow concerns. The dwelling was ransacked several times throughout the years, but it was honestly just a shell of a place when they bought it. They were able to get it cheap and set out to rebuild a dwelling with love. My parents chose the flooring, fixtures, and all the rest, including and Heating and A/C appliance. In those times, it was quite rare to have an air conditioner appliance, so my parents decided to forego the air conditioner appliance. Instead, they got an oil heating system and a fireplace. The fireplace was not a strong enough heating system for the whole house, although I have memories sitting by the fireplace many afternoons reading books and staying warm. My golden retriever would sit by the fireplace along with me frequently. As the youngest child, I was often a bother to my siblings, so when I wanted to read to someone, I would just read to the dog. The two of us really enjoyed lying near that fireplace in freezing Decembers and Januaries. The two of us would go outside to play in the snow and come back in and I would hot chocolate as we relaxed by the fireplace. I am quite sure there were many times when I fell asleep on the hearth and someone had to pick me up and carry me to my bed. I usually put my mittens on the radiator to dry and lived a wonderful life in that dwelling with the fireplace that was built with love.  


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