Problems within the air conditioner

For a major part of the year, our local weather is cold & snowy.  We often deal with sub zero temperatures, feet of snow, & horrible windchill.  For a few weeks of the year, however, the weather turns hot & humid.  On occasion, the temperature climbs up into the high nineties, & with the humidity, it’s extremely uncomfortable.  Despite the tepid & sticky conditions, there’s genuinely no need for a central air conditioner appliance.  It’s too big of an investment to only run it for a month or so each year.  Instead, I face the Summer weather with window air conditioner appliances.  This type of cooling system is not extravagant to purchase, & they are fairly compact & lightweight.  It’s simple to store them in the attic, & not difficult to install in the window.   With new advancements in technology, portable air conditioners are far more energy efficient & much more silent than they used to be.  The air conditioners I purchased operate from a wireless remote control, making them truly favorable to use.  They are also programmable.  I can set the air conditioners to startup or shutdown at certain times so that the rooms are nice & cool when my family goes to sleep.  They don’t run for the length of the day, when no a single is around, & waste energy.  Although I hate to give up the view from my windows, the portable air conditioners task well.  With the cooling units installed in our rooms, & running during the night, we are able to sleep quite well.  They not only maintain a very cool temperature, but help to drown out exterior distractions, such as barking dogs & traffic sounds.

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