I need to get rid of this guy

I recently had some complications with my oil furnace plus some genuinely terrible experiences with a Heating plus A/C dealer.  When my heating appliance hastily quit, in the middle of the night, I was definitely panicking.  The outside temperature was only 20 degrees plus the weather forecast predicted a nasty blizzard on the way.  I knew we couldn’t go without a respectfully working oil furnace, plus we required service right away.  I should have taken the time to check patron reviews online.  Instead, I called the first Heating plus A/C company I came across plus set up a time for repair.  Unfortunately, the appointment time came plus went, but the HVAC rep never showed up.  I waited another several hours before finally calling to find out what was going on.  I was told the Heating plus A/C specialist was on his way plus would arrive very soon.  I waited another hour plus a half before the guy finally pulled into the driveway.  I should have been uneasy that he wasn’t driving a company service van.  He was absolutely driving his own pickup truck, with no access to any updatement parts for the oil furnace.  He was also not wearing an official uniform.  He did not take his shoes off or use shoe coverings, plus went ahead and tracked dirty snow across my carpets.  He spent less than 10 minutes inspecting my oil furnace before providing me an estimate which seemed very overpriced.  Since I simply wanted my oil furnace fixed as hastily as possible, I quickly agreed.  Although the specialist did get my heating appliance finally working again, it only ran for a couple of hours before it once again failed to work.  While I was uneasy by the waste of currency, I refused to call this same company back.  I was relieved to be rid of them altogether.  When I finally checked the patron reviews, they were all completely terrible.

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