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I’ve always been fascinated with flowers, plants, & just gardening in general ever since I was a little boy. The thought of growing something so appealing, or eating fruits & vegetables I grew from little seeds, seemed so magical to me. To raise life like that with my very own two hands was quite amazing. My mother had a small herb garden she grew in tiered racks on our back porch when I was just a kid, & I always loved helping out. When I got older & purchased my own dwelling, I honestly wanted to make something of our yard space. This way I could plant appealing flowers in the front, to make our home look nicer, while I could have a vegetable garden in the back for more practicality. I went & bought fertilizer, seeds, & all the gardening essentials I’d need to make it happen. That was when I discovered I might not be such a great gardener. I have nothing against the work & getting dirty, however the labor & heat was too much for me to take on. It made me feel very sick. I wasn’t even outside for half an hour when I had to go back inside for the relief of our cooling a/c. The A/C felt really nice after the unrelenting heat outside. I had always been sensitive to hot uneven temperatures, however it had never prevented me from doing what I loved in the past. But now here I was, unable to plant my garden as it kept me from being outside of the A/C for much too long. It broke my heart altogether. I eventually downsized my original plans, opting to care for several home plants which I could tend to in our a/c & a few plants right outside my back door. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to afford a nice greenhouse with temperature control, to have the perfect environment for both myself & my beloved plants.

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