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Last year, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start my own dog grooming business.  Because my three children were still little, I wanted to work from my house and be available to them.  I genuinely enjoy dogs, and I have taken classes in best-practice dog grooming techniques.  I figured I could set my own hours and make a bit of extra cash.  Getting started required an immense investment.  I first needed to enclose and renovate the back porch, and then set up all of the necessary equipment, such as clean basins, dryers, crates, and clippers.  I also spent a small fortune to extend the HVAC duct of my house to the porch, install supply and return vents, and temperature control my work area.  Very shortly after I started my business, I realized that the oil furnace and vents were not adequate to handle the amount of fur and smell.  My entire home reeked of wet dog, and the fur continually built up inside the heating and cooling system.  I was increasing the air filters in the heating and cooling units every week.  I finally asked the local heating and cooling specialists for some suggestions, and he recommended that I install a whole-home air purifier system.  The whole-home air purifier incorporated into the air handler of the heating/cooling unit and cleans the air before it is introduced into the home.  It captures airborne contaminants, handles unpleasant odors, and ensures a much healthier living and breathing environment.  It also helps to protect the cleanliness of the heating and cooling equipment.  Although I have since given up my dog grooming business, I am still easily ecstatic with the addition of the new air purifier.

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