Sorting out the heating unit

Last Wednesday was so cold! The rapidly falling temperatures dipped down to the lower 30s, and we even were expected to have some snow! We haven’t had snow in our area of the country for about 7 years now, so it would have been nice.  We ended up not having any snow, but it was still very cold. I decided to cook some chili to heat things up. I also had to adjust my control compensate for the colder rapidly falling temperatures. I wasn’t sure if our furnace would even work, even though I had to at least try. I first gathered all the ingredients for my chili, and after that I went over to the control unit. I adjusted the setting in hopes that the furnace would come on. I waited for the usual hum, but it never came. It seemed that my furnace was broken. With a sad heart, I called my local heating cooling service shop, being hopefully they had someone available to come service my furnace. It was too chilly to go too long without a working furnace! They luckily had an Heating and Air Conditioning plan service man that could come out later that day. In the meantime, I started to make my chili. I sat  close to my stove, so it acted like a sort of furnace. When the chili was done cooking, I ate myself a substantial bowl. It warmed me up as well as my family as we waited for the heating and cooling service man to show up! Eventually, the HVAC service man showed up. He inspected my furnace, and had it running in almost no time at all!

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