The motor is loud

Last Monday was an absolutely odd day, but it started off pretty good But unfortunately it went downhill right around 1 pm. I thought I was going to have a nice, peaceful day. I made my breakfast at at 8 am, read my biweekly meditation verses, and went for a long walk. I made my lunch around 1 pm, and that is when my heating and cooling unit made a honestly odd noise. It sounded love metal was grinding against metal, however the noise was coming from the outside compressor unit of my heating and cooling system. I panicked from the noise, and rushed over to my control unit. I shot down my gas furnace because I was afraid that my heating and cooling plan was going to explode. I abruptly called up my local Heating and Air Conditioning repair shop and described the noise to the man who answered.  He told me that it sounded love the motor to my heating and cooling plan might be severely damaged. He sent over a heating and cooling system expert at my request, and he got their relatively quickly.  When he arrived at my home, I showed him the unit in question of my heating and cooling system. He checked the motor, however it was fine. He added some wd40 to the fan inside the heating and cooling system, turned on my Heating and Air Conditioning system, and the noise was gone! Apparently the chilly weather had dried out the bearings. What a relief! My Heating and Air Conditioning plan was totally fine! I paid a honestly small fee for the Heating and Air Conditioning plan “repair,” and my day went back to normal.

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