This feels like an eternity

Just last month, all of us opted to go on a relaxing family getaway. Although it was a rather charming trip, I was concerned about our cats back at home. You see, the two of us had a neighbor checking in on them each morning and feeding them plus giving them water. Then, later on, while we were still on the getaway, I received a call from the neighbor. He then told me how the HVAC device in our home had suddenly quit working. The cats were overheating because it was too hot. The neighbor said he did everything he could to try and get the air conditioning system back on, but it just wouldn’t work. I asked him if he could please call the local HVAC company to repair it and that I would cover the charges. I would also pay him more money for his time. He said that was superb and that I didn’t have to worry about paying him the extra money, because he was glad to do that for us. When we finally made it back home, all of us were so glad to see our cats. They were, of course, ecstatic to see us as well. I think for cats, even being away for a few days seems like an eternity of sorts. Since we were gone for an entire week, our absence must have been somewhat difficult for them. I was pleased to be able to get away with our family, but there was nothing like coming home. I thanked our neighbor who handled the HVAC situation and took superb care of the cats. I paid him the extra money although he tried to refuse the gift. I was thrilled to have such a superb neighbor.

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