HVAC equipment in our apartment

My girlfriend isn’t very decisive. I can’t get her make a small decision to save her life. Where are we going you eat? What movie do you want to see? Do you want to go to the gym before before lunch? She can’t answer any of these questions on her own. It is always what I want to do. Most of the time I don’t care, so it gets really frustrating. I also hate deciding things that I feel my girlfriend cares about more or has even more knowledge. For example, she and I were forced to upgrade our HVAC equipment in the condo we shared. Her father used to be an HVAC contractor. She knows a little bit about heating and cooling systems. She has heard her father talk about all kinds of HVAC endlessly for years. So I decided to leave the HVAC decision up to her if I could. What HVAC unit are we trying to get and where should we do the installation?That was all she was required to decide. I would do the rest of the leg work. I would choose the HVAC company to do that HVAC installation. I also would set us up with an HVAC service plan. That way we don’t have to worry about missing annual HVAC repair. But, she could not figure this out on her own.  It was too big a decision. She did not want that pressure. So with virtually no knowledge whatsoever, I had to analyze and make a guess for the good HVAC unit. Needless to say about, I was not pleased as a result of this turn of events. I picked us out a cool ductless mini split though.

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