Looking into medical cannabis

Too many people believe that marijuana is not addictive.  I know I used to think that marijuana isn’t addictive.  Everyone I knew who had smoked pot, had told that pot was not addictive and it definitely was not a gateway drug.  I was doing some research and it was giving the statistics for marijuana.  Pot can not only be highly addictive, but it can do a lot of damage to a person health and wellbeing.  Medical marijuana is forefront in the news right now, but we aren’t talking about medical marijuana.   Medical marijuana is processed so that all of the unhealthy chemicals have been removed.  Recreational marijuana is not processed and purified, and it has the full amount of THC and CBD contained in it.  There are mental and physical reasons to not smoke pot often.  Steady pot users can experience slower motor skills, a loss of attention span, and limited judgement capabilities.  Some pot users can lose the connection with their physical being, which gives them no compunction toward putting themselves in dangerous situations.    The addiction rate for heavy smokers is up to fifty percent.  The addiction rate for occasional users is almost ten percent.  Although there may be some great reasons for linking marijuana to the medical community, recreational use should not be legalized.  Too many people convince themselves that since pot is natural, it is healthy.  Tobacco is natural, alcohol is natural fermentation, and cocaine are all natural substances.   Natural doesn’t mean healthy, it just means that it is found in nature, but I wouldn’t eat hemlock and it is also found in nature.

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