That was a complete nightmare

Whenever there is a big event in a metropolitan area there are always problems in finding accomodations.  We planned on spending Thanksgiving in the city so we could see the big Macy’s Parade in person this year. I have loved it ever since I was little and couldn’t wait to see the big balloon characters floating by. We looked for a couple of days and finally found a room in a renovated warehouse.  The description online wasn’t much but it did say that they had updated HVAC units in each room. The traffic was horrible and we spent more than two hours sitting in bumper to bumper stopped traffic.  The place was difficult to find, because it was in the middle of the industrial district. Our room was a complete disaster and nothing like we anticipated.  I guess that is what we get for trying to save a buck. By the time we were checked in, it was already close to dinner time. The staff showed us to our room, which was a lot smaller than we would have liked and decorated like some construction site. The Heating & Air Conditioning idea was off when we entered the room. My wife checked out the bathroom and such while I walked over to the HVAC unit to turn on the heat. It was quite freezing in the room, so I turned on the temperature control to high heat. In a matter of moments, the room was much warmer. The HVAC unit was the best feature of the room and we slept really well that night.  The parade was everything I ever dreamed of and by the end of our trip, we realized that we had been really comfortable in our hotel room. I would stay there again and recommend it to others looking to save money on a trip to the city.

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