Hunkering down

I am always mildly exasperated when I turn on any sort of briefing about a storm or weather phenomenon and hear the phrase “hunker down” over and over and over again. Can no one think of an alternate term? Why does everyone have to use the same phrase and use it so often? Just last night, I was watching our local weather channel because there is a winter storm headed our way. In most parts of the country, this would not be a concern, but in our region, it is a really big deal because we very rarely even have a proper winter! The last snowfall was over twenty years ago, and everyone tends to go into panic mode when snow is even threatened. Our area is not well-prepared for a true winter storm. I know for a fact that many of my neighbors do not have central heating, only space heaters or a fireplace. Some of them are considering leaving town! All the news stations are telling everyone, over and over again, to hunker down until the storm passes. I, for one, have no choice but to stay home. I have been having some trouble with my ankle, and my doctor advised that I stay off of it for a few days. This means that all day, I have been sitting at home, in front of my electric fireplace, working on a puzzle. I am using my central heating as well, and there is even a space heater at my feet. I think that I am doing a rather good job of hunkering down, and I have no intentions of leaving my central heating or my fireplace any time soon.

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