I wish I was a home owner

My husband and I just married a few months ago and I am still trying to win over my in-laws.  They were not thrilled that I “stole” their baby boy so I am very careful not to upset them in any way. I figure that if I worked really hard to make a good impression each time we were together, they would eventually come around. Little did I know, I would make a huge step backward when we went to stay with them over the holidays. My husband and I were somehow persuaded the spend Christmas Eve in their home. I had visited their house before, but never overnight. We had to sleep in my husband’s old room, which was rather uncomfortable due to the fact that he only had a twin sized bed and his parents had put up pictures of him with his high school sweethearts on the bookshelves. I was determined to be the better person and ignore this. My husband apologized profusely and threw out all the pictures. Unfortunately, that night, the room became really warm. Unable to sleep, I got up in the middle of the night and adjusted the control device in the room. I assumed that, since the thermostat was in that room, his parents had a zone controlled HVAC system. They did not. When I adjusted the control unit, I adjusted the temperature for the entire house! His parents were furious with me and I am still hearing about how I destroyed the Holidays in their house.  They will eventually get over it, I hope. What a absurd mess!


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