Fixing my heater

 I have great best friends! I have known them all since college, and have stayed connected since graduation. My number one thing that we all do together is take our annual Winter season trip! This usually involves 4-5 days in New York City. While there, we skate on ice, shop, and see shows! I love being there with them, but I just can’t stand the cold!

           When all of us made it back to our hotel last year,after a long afternoon, we found that the oil furnace in our hotel had stopped working. I tried to jiggle the temperature control for a while to see if that would help, but nothing would trigger it! I had to call the front desk to ask if they could send up a service professional, but he was on his break! After he told us that it would take time for our oil furnace to get fixed, I went down to a local store and bought a section heater. There was no way I was going to sit in a freezing room while I shivered.

             My friends and I all gather around the section oil furnace while we  all waited for the technician to arrive. When he finally did, he was able to get the oil furnace functioning again in just a few minutes. I was grateful but we were all put off by the entire ordeal. Maybe this year we’ll take a trip to somewhere warmer! I could see myself lying on the beach, relaxing instead of trudging through the snow and ice.

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