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Last week My elderly mother learned how to use the kindle. My elderly mother decided to take a class at the adult learning center in town. My friends, boys, and grandboys have been suggesting My elderly mother take a kindle class for a long time; At first my elderly mother did not feel as if she could use a kindle. My elderly mother thought that she would not be able to learn. My elderly mother is regularly seeing our grandboys on their kindles, tablets, and smartphones. They can type incredibly fast and can get things done in a matter of minutes. My elderly mother was scared of technology… But the 3 week class absolutely helped her! My elderly mother is now pretty comfortable using our daughter’s PC. My elderly mother got an email account. My elderly mother can even buy clothes on the web. My elderly mother has already ordered her own computer online! It has been an exciting adventure for her, and yesterday when my elderly mother was at our daughter’s house, my elderly mother recalled that My elderly mother wanted to find a new Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. My first thought was to browse through the yellow pages, however our daughter proposed that my elderly mother try using the kindle. My elderly mother sat down and started doing some research; Using the kindle to find a reliable Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was much easier than using the yellow pages. The kindle’s results were also more up-to-date and accurate than the yellow pages. My elderly mother found many Heating and Air Conditioning companies near her in a matter of minutes! Now my elderly mother just had to schedule an appointment with one of the Heating and Air Conditioning companies. My daughter reminded me that my elderly mother could set up the appointment online too. Technology sure is marvelous. My elderly mother is now so over the moon that she knows how to use a kindle now.

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