The semi truck and it’s HVAC

My name is Jacob, & I fly a long haul rig over the cement rivers of the country. That very sounds a little overly dramatic, & it kind of is. What can I say, though, I have the soul of a poet & the body of a trucker. I named our rig Jacob’s Blues. I spend around fifty weeks a year inside the cab of our truck, so it’s more of a loft than any loft has ever been. It’s for that reason that I treat our rig with such immense pride. It’s actually the way I make a residing & where I live! For the type of routes I run, having the best quality Heating & Air Conditioning system in the truck is an absolute essential. I cross the sand flats of the desert fairly often, & with temps over 110 degrees, air conditioner is truly a matter of life & death. A few times a year I also make the ice road runs up in Alaska, so the rig has to have a spot-on furnace or I could get frostbite from the door handles. But aside from that, I just need dependable heating & cooling because I don’t have time to take it to the Heating & Air Conditioning service center. I make time to go in for an Heating & Air Conditioning tune up once a year, & so far that has been all the time our taxing AC component has needed. I am actually due for a heating & cooling inspection this week, however with all the routes I’m on it may have to be delayed in the process.

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