We have benefited from years of sales

When I was born, I lived in what many people consider to be a third world country. My mother got a job on a fishing expedition and never returned, so then it was just me, my siblings, and our father, who was more interested in reading science fiction pulp novels than helping out the family. So we were fending for ourselves, essentially homeless, foraging for whatever food we could find. With all that in mind, I am very proud of how far my siblings and I have come. Nowadays, we live right here in the states and we have started our own business that is thriving to say the least. With the help of a local church, we educated ourselves in HVAC technology. There was a local training program that was free of charge, meant to help the local climate control industry thrive. For us, this program was a huge success. We now run the heating and cooling supply store right downtown. It has been a very fruitful 5 years of sales for our HVAC shop. We not only help customers find the equipment that they need, but we also do air conditioner and heater repairs. So far our customer base is all over the county and our climate control equipment is sourced from manufacturers all over the world. We have a strong HVAC servicing network built up. In addition, our staff consists of roughly 40 skilled heating and cooling technicians who all went through our rigorous training program. Who would have thought that furnaces and air conditioners would help us establish ourselves among the successful middle class?

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