My best friend

My fiance plus I recently got invited to a dinner date with our more than one best friends, however in a cool series of events, our best neighbor ended up marrying my fiance’s closest friend, and the two of us have not gone out on a true double date in quite a while, so my fiance plus I accepted the great invitation. It wasn’t anything costly. The two of us would just be going over to their house for a nice little home cooked meal. They were just starting out on their feet  financially, so both of us weren’t too surprised to find that their old air conditioning wasn’t truly working when both of us got to their small house, then luckily, it was the beginning of the cooler, fall season, so it was starting to cool down just a little. The lack of an air conditioning didn’t genuinely really bother us too much. The two of us were quite sad about their HVAC system though! Winter season would soon be getting here, plus they needed a truly working oil furnace. It’s one thing to not have any kind of air conditioning in the early fall, however to go without a needed furnace in the Winter season was just not possible! Our area of the large country could have some nasty Winter seasons. As both of us ate our meal, I asked them about their old heating plus cooling system, but my best neighbor Tom told me that he almost had enough surplus cash saved up to nicely install a brand new heating plus cooling system. Three more paychecks plus he was fantastic to go! I was so glad. I would have gladly payed out of my own pocket for a furnace installation for our best neighbor ands his fiance if I simply had to. The two of us ended up having an amazingly nice meal, after that I went home plus relaxed before my bedtime.

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