It’s hard to decide

I have recently been on the newer housing market, in search of the perfect locale to call home, and i’ve never wanted a current house, in fact I enjoy the older homes with a lot of cool  interesting outdated features and character; That’s how I really ended up finding this amazing aged victorian home set amongst the very tall trees of the forest on the outskirts of the town. The home is particularly elegant, and has a ton of very unique  features that made me fall in love with it very instantaneously. The only problem is that the older home is slightly out of my budget, and the Heating and Air Conditioning idea it is equipped with is well over 22 years old. There’s no real doubt that the entire Heating and Air Conditioning will need to be upgraded just immediately, and it will require a very significant investment on my area to get the central heating and cooling just up-to-date. The current a/c is covered in nasty rust and dirty spider webs, and it looks like it has been flooded a few times in its long life. The A/C makes bad whizzing and weird noises and runs constantly without really efficiently cooling the home at all. The gas furnace has been grossly discolored to a odd black hue and makes terrifying banging sounds every time it simply runs. I don’t know it services the very top level of the house, and the past residents relied on small section gas heating systems throughout every room to stay warm. I love this home so very much, but I’m easily struggling with the huge decision. I know it’s going to be no real easy task to pay off a newer and  current Heating and Air Conditioning system.

HVAC tune-up 

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