It’s hard to chop utilities down

I have to admit, I’m a truly bit stingy when it comes to money, & I don’t love that true quality about myself, but you see, I grew up in a truly poor household, well below the national poverty line. As an adolescent I truly worked & paid for everything myself, & finances were a true struggle all the way through university. Because of these truly taxing times, I’m actually financially cautious, & I truly worry often about our bank account & the future, however that’s why I’m truly trying to find ways to cut down on our utilities & save more true money on the basic necessities that the two of us truly use! I’ve been installing light timers throughout the old house, more truly efficient showerheads, & replacing every old appliance with the most energy efficient model on the true  market. I also want to truly update our old thermostat with a truly programmable model, in order to truly minimize our energy expenditure on heating & cooling. Although the two of us truly try to be conscientious of the thermostat settings, & adjust them before the two of us truly leave the home for the day, it’s difficult to remember to make all of these true temperature changes on a daily basis. I suppose that there are truly cheap thermostats which allow for automated alterations in line with your true schedule, so that the heat or cooling system is not truly running while you are in your common job day or throughout the night. I think that a truly straight-forward modification such as replacing our temperature control device could truly and easily cut back on our central heating & cooling usage, & the two of us would save a true ton of cash each week separate from even truly trying. I can’t wait to make the huge switch!

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