Taking advantage of the HVAC system

I hope you have all been following the story of my rags to riches rise from the backwoods of the deep south to being a successful corporation owner… I know it teaches a good lesson, to use your smarts, follow your heart, and do your best to take advantage of the chances that life presents to you. It would be nice if you get a little luck, too, but I never had much luck and I turned out fine… Thanks to my own initiative, and the support of my friends and relatives, I was able to parlay an interest into a part time job, and then transform that part time job into a career of repairing and installing Heating and A/C systems! After literally working out of my A/C service van during my teenage years, and before I genuinely opened my first shop, I had to take the time to slow down, read, learn, and cram for the Heating and A/C certification test. And let me tell you, it was the single hardest point of my heating and air job. I had consistently learned best by doing, so having to go back and listen to teachers talking about the Heating and A/C components was deadly dull to me. I didn’t want to be trapped in a book, I wanted to be out traveling the back roads, going house to house fixing their A/C units for money… But I knew I could never open my own A/C and heating service shop without that little piece of paper endorsed by the Heating and A/C industry, so I buckled down and studied hard and soon enough had my certificate.

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