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Twenty years ago I started my corporation with a wing and a prayer, and the wing was actually a rusted out old van with back doors that wouldn’t open. But my prayers were strong, and my work ethic was strong, and over the course of numerous decades I really made something of myself. Over the last few years, things have absolutely taken off! My shop has expanded into a series of shops, and I spend most of my time doing boring corporation stuff. However, this is the biggest disappointment of them all, because the entire reason I started on this job path was because of my enjoyment of repairing air conditioners. Air conditioning repair brought myself and others into the game, and now I never even get to repair them, and so I have decided to retire from the heating and cooling business. I’m not quitting, just shifting gears, and letting my family run the corporation side of the Heating and Air Conditioning shop while the service personnel do the technical work. I will remain as the owner, however I plan on opening up a small school to teach local teenagers and ladies how to maintain and repair conditioners. It was what allowed me to become the success I am today, and I want to give to the community by giving young ladies and gentlemen an opportunity to learn the AC industry from the ground up, however hopefully it gives them a leg up in life, and it will absolutely get allow me to get back to where I want to be, dismantling cooling systems and giving them new life. Long live the next generation of AC repair techs!

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