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Growing up with a multitude of medical conditions, I’ve been inside my fair share of clinics, offices, and hospitals; however, more than my fair share, I’d wager. While there are obvious directions plus standards that must be followed plus met, and regulations, each has their own way of doing things. Some will try to have a bright, cheery atmosphere to create a positive environment for their patients while others keep things fully formal plus professional. Some will have a television on in the waiting room, while others offer nothing but chairs to kneel in while you have, and the differences in their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C settings can differ greatly too in actually noticeable ways. The majority seem to use excessive cooling, their A/C lowering the temperature greatly for exceedingly chilly rooms. I consistently accepted this use of cooling as a preventative measure to stop the spread of bacteria, like with how you keep food freezing in a refrigerator so it stays fresh. But there are some I’ve been to that break the mold with untypically sizzling rooms as well, either the result from little to no air conditioning system or even from heating being on. These have regularly been smaller clinics, where the nurses plus nurses on staff have more say in how they want their practice to be run than in an immense hospital. These types of clinics consistently seem far more personable in my opinion, with talkative nurses plus nurses who speak to you like you’re a person rather than a patient. Both types of medical facilities, personable plus professional, have their perks plus downfalls. The lack of inconsistency with nurses can be tiring when you have to see so several of them, but at least I guess I’m being seen by a varied, and talent, team of professionals.

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