The temperature has plummeted in here

At first, I was discouraged by the higher purchase price of a boiler.  I was a bit reluctant to spend the extra cash. I considered simply choosing a furnace for my current home.  However, after doing a bit of research, I realized that a boiler was a more cost-effective solution in the long-term.  A boiler takes less time as well as effort to install, compared to a furnace or heat pump, so the bill from the heating contractor is lower.  Plus, a boiler is more energy efficient and is capable of trimming around 400 dollars per year off heating costs.  I also appreciate the fact that boiler equipment is much smaller, so it can be mounted directly on the wall, taking up no floor space whatsoever.  The main reason I wanted a boiler was because I live in the northeastern part of the country where both of us experience drastically long, snowy Winter seasons, with temperatures that frequently drop below zero.  I need a heating program which can handle it.  A boiler relies on water to transport thermal energy, which is far superior to air.  Water warms up faster, stays moderate longer, and performs a better job of maintaining comfort on super cold afternoons.  Since there is no need for a duct system,  there is no worry over duct leaks or the introduction of air contaminants.  The boiler supplies heat without blowing it into the room, which helps to keep the warmth closer to floor, where it can be better taken advantage of.  Because there is less temperature stratification, the thermostat can be set to a lower temperature, helping to trim energy use and operational costs.  Plus, there are now boiler systems which have the ability to fire at strange rates, producing only the amount of heat needed it any given time.  By running at lower capacity for longer cycles, the boiler optimizes efficiency, avoids aging, and maintains more even comfort.

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