I love my air conditioner

There is one thing that I like about the fall season! I like is that it is so cool outside, and when I get to wear my plush, warm clothes. I also like that it is cool at night. We  have just turned on the heat alone. However all of us are not using it that much. Every one of us use just enough heat to make it comfortable in our home. The air inside of the apartment is still fairly cold. However this is the way that I love it. If the air inside of the apartment is still rather cool inside and helps make it much easier for us to snuggle up in our blankets. I like to sleep with a lot of blankets; So this is the time of year that I get to do that. That is why I like the all season so much. I look forward to this time even more. However all of us turn our heating on for the winter season to keep warm. Every one of us turn the heat on so much that it makes his apartment rather warm. Sometimes our room gets so warm I don’t even need blankets. I actually start to sweat it gets so warm. However in the fall, our place really never gets that warm. That is certainly the way I love the temperature in our lake apartment as well. Having heat is not that it’s all cracked up to be in the fall, besides not running the heat works to our advantage, and our monthly energy bills are usually rather low!

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