Controlling the temperature

I hate going over to my neighbor Caroline’s house. Caroline has more than two pets all with untypical color fur. No matter where you are, or what you are wearing, you are getting pet fur all over you. I do not know how my neighbor cannot stand it. The fur totally gets pulled right off the pets and lays all over the floor. The grossest is when Caroline turns on her A/C. She uses central A/C which has air duct. The hair from the floor then gets blown around in the air quality or is sucked up into the air ducts, but you can literally see the hair moving around in her home. It bothers all of us because I know there must be pounds of pet hair in her Heating and Air Conditioning ducts. Then, that hair is being blown for all of us to breathe in. I bet her air filters on her A/C equipment is obstructed with hair each week. Why would Caroline allow this to happen? The hair is exhausting for her A/C unit, her air quality and her health. The A/C equipment has to create climate control though the hair. It works longer and harder hours. Because of this the A/C will prematurely breakdown and also create higher weekly bills. The air quality is ruined due to the contaminated pet hair in the breathing air. I just refused to believe her pets are worth all this expense. She cannot possible get so much enjoyment out of them that she is willing to ruin her cooling equipment in the process. Even if that did not bother her, who wants to be covered in hair all of the time?

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