I’m learning about HVAC tune-ups

Recently I was at a party. This party was very nice. It was just a family party. I brought a dish to pass. When I got to the party I noticed something very strange. I noticed that the house was rather cool. It was actually so cool that I want to keep my jacket on. I asked my cousin why the house felt so cold. He had told me that their HVAC system had broken just yesterday. I asked them why they still had the party if their HVAC system was broken. He said that they were already counting on people. However I felt differently. Had I known that it was going to be this cold I would have put on extra layers. I had no idea it was going to be this cold. Even if they did not want to cancel I would have put on extra layers. They should have called everyone and notified them. I could tell everyone had their jackets on. At least everyone was still having a good time. However I did not feel comfortable wearing my jacket inside of someone’s house the entire time. Try to take my jacket off but I was just too cold. I really hope that they get their HVAC system fixed soon. If you ever have HVAC system issues before a party or a break sound for party I would suggest canceling your party. At least make sure that your guests know that the house will not be properly heated or cooled. It just didn’t seem fair to us guests.

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