I found a reason to celebrate

A little while back I was at a party. This party was easily cool. It was just a family party. I brought some booze to pass. When I got to the party I noticed something quite weird. I noticed that the home was too cool. It was really so cool that I want to keep the overcoat on. I asked our cousin why the residence felt so cold. He had told me that the Heating and Air Conditioning program had quit working just yesterday. I asked them why they still had the get together if their Heating and Air Conditioning program was not operating. He said that they were already counting on people showing up. However I felt the opposite of that. Had I known that it was to be this chilly I would have put on extra clothes. I had no clue it was going to be this cold. Even if they did not want to put it off I would have put on extra clothes. They should have phoned everyone and let them know. I could tell almost everyone had their jackets on. At least almost everyone there was still having a great time. However I did not feel comfortable wearing our overcoat inside of someone’s home the whole time. Try to take our overcoat off but I was just too damn cold. I really hope that they get their Heating and Air Conditioning device fixed soon. If you ever have Heating and Air Conditioning program problems before a party or during the party I would advise canceling your party. At least make sure that your patrons understand that the home will not be respectfully heated or cooled. It just did not seem fair to the guests.

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