I’m trying to make our home better

I will admit, I am a terrible roommate. I never will do dishes, I leave them in the sink until they get nasty. I also jame music all day long, everyday. I never ask if anyone else has any musical interests. I also am terrible about running the air conditioner! For starters, I really don’t enjoy AC. I don’t like the feel, the stench and the notion of it. So if my roommates ever turn on the AC unit, I usually switch it off when they go in the next area. I don’t want any cooling ever. Even in the Summer I don’t understand the point of air conditioner. Occasionally my flatmates outnumber myself and others and insist on AC. Then what I do is crack open all the windows while the cooling method is active. This is a naughty thing to do for your AC system, I think it although I still do it anyway. It makes the a/c operate harder to achieve temperature level. It is impossible for the AC component to achieve its set goal on the thermostat due to all the hot air getting in. If the air conditioning system keeps running at that long pace typically it could break down or need a huge AC repair job. Even knowing all of this, I just can’t even help myself. I open the window if I get too chilly. At least I am comfortable. And if the a/c dies, that really would benefit myself and others the most. Then there would be nothing for the cooling method to turn on while I am home.

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