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Every Spring season, my grandmother calls me to fetch the air conditioner from the attic. The air conditioner is about twenty years old, and I am surprised that it still works. My grandmother has been using the same old air conditioner, since I was a child. The air conditioner is large and bulky, and fits in the living room window. The air conditioner only has two settings to choose from, low or high. When the summer season is over, we remove the air conditioner from the window and put it back in the attic. I went over to my grandmother’s last weekend, in order to bring the air conditioner down from the attic. I was walking down the attic stairs, when I accidentally dropped the air conditioner on the floor. It fell from 8 feet in the air, and crashed to the floor like a bomb. When it fell onto the floor, it made a large dent in the wood. My grandmother came from around the corner, and asked if I was okay. I felt terrible that I had dropped the air conditioner, because it was in a few pieces on the floor. My grandmother told me not to worry, and she fixed me a glass of sweet tea. I did my best to affects the metal bracket to the air conditioner, although it was barely hanging on at this point. I plugged the air conditioner into the wall socket, and was very surprised when it still worked. I guess they don’t make appliances, like they did back in the 70s.

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