I washed the entire unit

Every Springtime, our Grandmother phones me to fetch the a/c from the attic. The a/c is about twenty thousand years old, & I am amazed that it still works. My Grandmother has been using the same old a/c, since I was a kid. The a/c is pressing & bulky, & barely fits in the living room window. The a/c only has a couple settings to choose from, low or high. When the Summer season is ended, we remove the a/c from the window & put it back up in the attic. I went over to our Grandmother’s last week, in order to bring the a/c down from the attic. I was walking down the attic stairs, when I accidentally dropped the a/c on the floor. It fell from 18 feet in the air, & crashed to the floor as about a shotgun blast. When it smashed onto the floor, it made a pressing dent in the wood. My Grandmother came from around the corner, & asked if I was alright. I felt terrible that I had dropped the a/c, because it was in a bunch of pieces on the floor. My Grandmother told me not to concern myself, & she fixed me a glass of sweet booze. I did our best to fix the metal bracket to the a/c, although it was hardly hanging on at this junction. I jammed the a/c into the wall outlet, & was very surprised when it still functioned. I guess they don’t make things, as about back in ‘73.

temperature control unit 

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