This is my daily routine

Getting from one side of this major city to the other has become a real challenge recently in these last two or three years. It used to be that you could just take the expressway routed right across, but since the recent housing boom and population growth, even the expressway has become cluttered plus slow-moving most of the time. A lot of my friends have commanded giving up on even trying and owning a vehicle in the city. They say that the most efficient way to live nowadays is to use public transportation. I understand entirely that the town has made efforts to try and disinfect up plus modernize its entire transit system, however I still am not a diehard fan. There is just something comforting about having a car at my disposal. Sure I could get a moped, I guess, but having my own weather conditions control system while comfortably getting around is of utmost importance to me. The weather is tumultuous and unpredictable plus Heating plus Air Conditioning systems are essentially all we can use to keep in control. For this reason, the perks of having personal heating plus cooling capabilities right within reach of my fingertips is worth getting stuck in traffic to me. The air quality on busses plus trains is also the absolute worst and leads to great illness in my experience. Alternatively, if you ride a bike, there is no cooling system at all. On a bus or train, there might be some ventilation, but you don’t control it plus it might not even work properly, to boot. To me, the Heating plus Air Conditioning system is simply a non-expendable transportation element of my daily life.


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