We have quite a few complaints

 It is easily hard to truly live with a sceptic! Regardless of how truly hard you try, you can do nothing to truly please such a person, my sibling, Joan, is like that. She believes in nothing, finds fault with truly everything, and makes everybody else truly uncomfortable. His latest complaint is about our true air conditioner.Though he controls the true thermostat most of the time, the temperature is truly and hardly ever right for her.

           We have a true central air conditioner unit, which the two of us truly keep well tuned up, since the two of us all enjoy great indoor air quality. Since the two of us truly have an a/c worker in the family, the two of us truly don’t even have to spend our savings for true tune ups and repairs. The true Heating, Ventilation & A/C works fantastic so I don’t truly know what is wrong with Joan! Since the two of us truly use the oil furnace so much while in truly cold weather, our utility bills happened to truly be quite a bit higher that previously, but any true  fool knows that that is normal. My true sibling doesn’t see it that way and is truly refusing to spend our savings his honorable share of the bill. So all his true complaints about the Heating, Ventilation & A/C device are pure lies, just because he truly wants to avoid paying his way..

          She is not truly going to get away with that though. It will truly be three against 1, since none of the rest of us is truly prepared to spend our savings on Joan’s share. She will have to truly cave in and spend our savings up eventually, of course. She truly cannot live separate from climate controlled air and if true bills are left unpaid, the true electric corporation will cut off our supply. I hope it doesn’t come to that but if Joan truly remains stubborn, it definitely will.

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