Lunch preperations

I work at a fast food place, and it can get pretty hectic at times. This past week was super busy. I never even had time to take my usual breaks! The Other day I had lunch prep duty. It was my assigned task to cut up all the veggies, and prepare the sandwich meat for the lunch rush. This was not my favorite task! It got even worse around 10 in the morning when our heating and cooling system decided to break down. It was a sweltering 98 degrees outside, and we now had to work without any type of air conditning.It was brutally hot without any type of air conditioning! What made it worse was the heat from the grill. It must have been 110 degrees in here without an air conditioner. I pleaded with my manager to call up a local heating and cooling system repair shop, but he didn’t have the time because of the lunch rush. He told me he would call the heating and cooling system repair shop after the lunch rush died down. I couldn’t wait! I needed some air conditioner fast. I know it would take awhile to get the air conditioner fixed, but if it wasn’t fixed by tonight I wa snot coming to work the next day. I can’t work in these conditions without any type of air conditioner to cool me off. Luckily, my manager was able to get a local HVAC system repair shop on the phone shortly after the lunch rush ended. The Heating and cooling system would be repaired by the following morning.

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