Renting a cheap apartment

When I first graduated from my respectable college, I was definitely struggling for earning money.  My task didn’t pay much, and I was responsible for a whole pile of crucial student loans, a vehicle payment, and insurance costs, to boot.  Because of this, I kept myself to a particularly narrow budget at that time.  I lived in a series of very horrible little apartments, simply due to the affordable rent.  These apartments were respectfully located in several dangerous villages, but allowed myself and others to easily ride my bicycle to work.  The accommodations were often particularly old or neglected in every way.  The floors were unlevel, the roof constantly leaked, the window never opened, and maybe few of the appliances ran properly.  I was always feeling pretty chilly in the winter, and terribly warm in the summer time.  Every time, the oil furnace was positively ancient, and actually there rarely was an a/c at all.  I spent the majority of my budget on outrageous utility bills at those places, even though I was particularly careful with temp control component settings.  Most often, the oil furnace did not adequately give a reasonable amount of heat, and I’d need to constantly bundle up in sweaters and fuzzy slippers.  Plus, it would spew out a tremendous amount of dust and black smoke and I was consistently getting sick.  The heat usually odored very strange, and I always sad about the potential for fire, fumes, and combustion byproducts.  If there actually was any type of cooling system, it most often leaked nasty brown water, odored musty, and ran continually without managing to ever effectively cool the apartment down.  Looking back, I probably spent so much on utility bills, I could have easily afforded a better living arrangement.  As soon as I got a good promotion and a raise at work, I started going out and shopping for a better apartment.  One of the my very first priorities was a current heating and cooling system.


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