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A few weeks ago, I suddenly started to notice an obviously weird odor inside of my house. When I looked all over but still could not locate the source of the odor, I thought I was going completely crazy. The odor seemed to simply dissipate into the air, & I forgot for a few afternoons that it ever existed! Last weekend, the terrible odor was back again, though. I sprayed Febreeze all over the entire house, but the terrible odor was still stubbornly lingering in the air. I tried my very best to pinpoint the cause of the nasty odor, but it seemed to be coming out of our air vents from all directions. When I turn off the Heating & Air Conditioning system, I could not even odor anything in the air again. I decided it was a relaxing time to try and contact our Heating & Air Conditioning corporation before matters got worse. I heard horror stories in the past about beloved pets dying inside of the Heating & Air Conditioning ducting and I hope this was not the horrific cause of the odor in my house. Yesterday, when the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor showed up to look into the problem, the contractor could readily odor the same terrible odor that I was referring to in my phone call. The Heating & Air Conditioning contractor went into the dirty old Attic in order to view all of the Heating & Air Conditioning ducting upstairs. She was in the attic for a long time and finally came downstairs to tell us the news. A full grown raccoon had found its way into the attic, made a small bed next to the Heating & Air Conditioning duct, and the feces built up in the attic was the culprit of the lingering odor. I immediately had to contact an exterminator, well, once the Heating & Air Conditioning problems were addressed.

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