A smelly heating and air

A few weeks ago, I started to occasionally notice a nasty, strange stink inside of my house. When I spent an hour looking everywhere but could not locate the source of the stink, I thought I was probably going crazy. The stink seemed to simply disappear; to dissipate into the air, and I forgot about it wholly for a few mornings. Then, last weekend, the awful stink was back again with a vengeance. I sprayed Febreeze all over the house in all the nooks and crannies of every room, but the awful, pungent stink was still lingering intensely in the air. I honestly tried my best to pinpoint the cause of the horrible stink, but it seemed to be coming straight out of our air vents somehow. When I turn off the HVAC system at night, I could not stink anything in the air all of a sudden. I decided it was a good time to give up my search and contact our HVAC corporation. I heard plenty of horror stories in the past, specifically about animals dying inside of the air ducting, and sincerely I hoped this was not the cause of the stink in my house. I would be traumatized. When the HVAC professional showed up to look into the problem he could stink the same awful stink lingering in the air that I was referring to. The HVAC professional went into the attic, first and foremost, in order to view all of the air ducting. He was up there in the attic for a long time, and came down to give the awful news! A large raccoon had found its way into the attic, and made himself a large debris bed next to the air ducting. The raccoon had produced tons of feces that had built up in the attic. This was the culprit of the lingering stink. I had to contact an exterminator that day, once the HVAC technician was gone.

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