A very smelly HVAC unit

A few weeks ago, I started to randomly notice a highly peculiar smell inside of my house from time to time. When I could not locate the source of the smell in the first few days, I thought I was going crazy. The smell seemed to evaporate into the air, & I forgot somehow for a few afternoons after I hadn’t detected it. Then, last weekend, the bad smell was back again. I doused Febreeze all over the house, however the bad smell was not budging. I tried my best to pinpoint the exact cause of the smell, however it seemed to be coming slowly out of our air vents. Whenever I went to turn off the Heating & A/C system, I magically could not smell anything in the air. I finally gave in and decided it was the time to contact our Heating & A/C supplier. I heard a handful horror stories in the past, usually regarding creatures dying inside of the Heating & A/C ducting. As an animal lover, I hope this was not the cause of the smell in my house. With the cooling system running, the HVAC serviceman could also smell the same bad smell that I was referring to. Then the Heating & A/C serviceman went up straight into the Attic before he came down a few moments later to supply the bad news. A large squirrel had found its way into the attic, & made a small bed for its babies next to the Heating & A/C ducting. All of the small animal’s feces had built up in the attic, which was the disgusting culprit of the lingering smell. Luckily the HVAC company could recommend an exterminator.  

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