The air is a bit frigid

There are several things I entirely love doing in life! Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy life, but just that there are several things I am absolutely passionate about. For starters, I am completely in love with swimming on a hot summer’s day. I’ll put on some water proof sunscreen plus spend all day out in those lovely rays plus water. It’s just wonderful plus it’s actually good for you oftentimes as well. The exercise on top of that incredible sunlight is just something I couldn’t live without. I’m also a sizable fan of running too. That is also one of my all-time favorite things to do when I’m outside in the glorious sunshine. As you can see, I’m an incredibly athletic individual. I can’t rest around all day like a lot of other people do. However, after a long day of being covered in sweat, I like to come home, shower, plus rest in the air conditioning for some time. I’ll usually turn on one of my favorite shows at that point plus relax since I’ll be comfortable in my workout for the day. My boyfriend plus I have a central air conditioner so we can easily just crank it up plus within minutes, the air conditioner will have cooled the entire home in lush air for us. I absolutely enjoy it. I’m at that point plus I almost couldn’t go on without it either. Fans just simply don’t do it for me any more after I’ve lived the luxury of having a central air conditioner. It’s funny though. I’m actually comfortable in air conditioning after a tough workout, but I prefer for the heating to be on while I sleep. I sleep much better in moderate temperatures than cold.

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