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Many times, my days are not regular compared them to everyone else. However i am usually waking up right around the time the sun goes down. I work the night shift, and it was terribly difficult to get used to it. I did not have a option at the moment and was desperate for a job and this was all I could find. Just last week, this sleep schedule caused myself and others an issue when I had to meet a local HVAC professional to get my cooling system repaired, but the only time he could come to my house was at 7 in the day. This was the time I was usually going to sleep! I couldn’t go too long without any heating and cooling system, so again I was left with no choice, but when I got home from work on the day the HVAC professional was tied up to arrive, I made myself a few cups of coffee. I would have to stay awake while he fixed my cooling system. I am a honestly light sleeper, so I wouldn’t be able to sleep while the HVAC professional was in my home. Thankfully, I had arrived home from work, but by this time, I was fatigued. I tried to stay awake while he worked on the cooling system, but I ended up passing out on my couch. I awoke to the HVAC professional tapping myself and others on the shoulder, letting me know that he successfully repaired my cooling system. All he needed was my signature for payment. I was so thrilled that my cooling plan was fixed, and that I was able to get a little sleep at that too!

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