Making adjustments to the heater

I actually love Tuesdays after work which is kind of peculiar because I still have three more nights to work at my terrible place of employment. However, it is taco night at our number one bar and restaurant so it pretty much makes up for it. Tacos are pretty much the best food ever! I guess I could eat them every day for the rest of my life and be fine with it. Perhaps not every meal of every day because that would be a bit over the top (though if that were my only choice I would make it work), but I guess you get my meaning as to how much tacos mean to me. I’m even so into it that I have taco shaped furniture (I haven’t gone as far as taco scented furniture but the way our dog licks the cushions you would wonder about it). The other day when the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker was over to adjust the oil furnace he made a comment about our taco chair in the living room area. He just laughed and asked what it was. I told him and he said it was wonderful. That made totally made my day! Well that and the fact that he fixed the thermostat on our oil furnace so it undoubtedly works correctly. I only had to get after our landlord four times for him to get around to calling the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C guy so I could set up an appointment. I was close to just calling myself and sending the landlord a bill for services rendered. I truly don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to do their jobs.

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