My electric bills are out of control

As soon as I moved out of my parents’ dwelling, I moved into a dwelling with my best friend. Neither of us had lived away from our folks before, so the two of us went through an extreme adjustment period. When the two of us moved in for the first time, neither one of us had any furniture at all. I had a Playstation One plus an aged 19” tv, and my friend had one twin bed plus a collection of mismatching sheets. With the two of us combined, we didn’t have much. The two of us managed to make it work somehow. We found two aged bean bag chairs on the side of the road, plus carried them back to our dwelling on our bicycles. We also found a sleeper sofa at the local Goodwill store. We only paid about 40 dollars, plus the two of us could use it as a bed plus living room furniture. We had a super small upstairs apartment, but it was cozy as well as attractive. When the two of us first moved in to the place, it was rather sizzling outside. We were starting the warmest weeks of the Summer, plus the two of us constantly ran the Heating plus A/C appliance. We kept the air conditioning unit set to 65 degrees, plus our dwelling felt pretty much like a cool refrigerator. We could not even tell that it was Summer, unless the two of us went outside. We loved resting in the living room under warm blankets, while the chilly air conditioning rushed out of the air vents. When our first electric bills came in the mail, the two of us were totally taken by surprise. We managed to amass a $250 electric bill, in our 21 day cycle. We had to change the control unit settings plus stop using the Heating plus A/C appliance so much. Even with the air conditioning control unit set to 75 degrees, the two of us could hardly afford to pay the bill.

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