That was shocking to me

My niece has finally made it to kindergarten this year and so far, I have loved going to see her in all of her little programs.  She had a Halloween parade, Thanksgiving Pilgrim program and now they have a Christmas concert that she will be playing in tonight. She is playing a candy cane in a skit and it should be cute  I only hope they get the heating system fixed at the school in time before the show starts.  My sibling called this day to let me assume that the pageant may need to be postponed because they had cancelled school for the entire day since they couldn’t fix the HVAC unit. The Heating and A/C method was broken and they could have the students there in a cold building, but she said that they would make the call on the performance by 4:00pm.  I sure hope that they can get it up and running because my little niece is eager for the event.  She has showed me her practice routine numerous times and it I can’t wait to see her in her costume.  I don’t have men of our own yet so I easily have fun seeing her grow and become her own little person. I bet most of the parents at the school are hoping that the heat is fixed too.  Not only are the men going to be disappointed that the show will not happen, but, they will have to find childcare for the day that they miss out on school.  I can imagine that they are finally working hard on getting it repaired.  The size method that they have in a building that size must be tough to keep up with anyway.  It has to not only heated the buildings, but also has filtered out all the dust and debris that comes in while kids are playing.

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